Thursday, 28 March 2013

Happy Easter

Is everyone looking forward to the Easter break?? We are going to my daughter's Easter service this afternoon, where she is receiving a Headmasters commendation, which should be a lovely start to the Easter holidays. My clever little button! We are busy the first week, travelling 'Up North' to stay with Daddy bear's family for the Easter weekend, then on the way back breaking the journey for a two night stay in a travel lodge to visit Thomas Land at Drayton Manor (as long as it's not too cold!!!). It should be lovely, and the children will have a great time although secretly I am rather looking forward to the second week where we have no plans and can just relax and shake off these bugs we keep coming down with!! I know some people dread the holidays, but I love not having to get up and do the rush to school for a couple of weeks!!

Planning our trip in this cold weather, got me thinking about previous journeys we have made, and  I'm hoping the journey will go better than one of our previous ones. Daddy bear was off a sandy 'trip' with work and I decided to take my then two baby bears, then 2 and 1, on the 4 hour journey 'Up North' to see the in laws. The journey went great, and we had a lovely time, the children were so well behaved. It was all much easier than I imagined. Repacking the car wasn't too bad, I'd packed too much stuff as always, and of course it was really necessary to bring two push-a-long trikes, which had to go in last to fit in. My father in law also very kindly took the car to fill it up whilst I bathed the children ready for the journey home!

Well we were all wrapped up, children in their PJ's and thermal suits (as it was January), DVD player on and lots of nursery rhyme CD's at the ready. Well we said good bye, and I started the car. It didn't start first time which was unusual, but I thought no more about it when the car started fine on the second try. The children were so good on the journey, the traffic was great, and the journey so smooth, too smooth......

On turning off the M4 to make our way through the countryside home, the car broke down on the roundabout, and wouldn't start again. It's not an old car, so not something it usually does at all. So quick as a flash I got the children out of the car and on to the roundabout. Obviously being 1 and 2, they were at the age where they are hard to constrain, especially when Mummy needs to make important phone calls to the RAC!! So the quickest thing to get out of the boot was the two trikes. So we are sat there on a roundabout in the dark at 9 at night, pretending we are 'In the night garden' in our florescent jackets, children in trikes eating my emergency supply of chocolate, looking like complete maniacs!! 

Luckily our wait was a short one, the lovely RAC man took 30 minutes, followed closely by my parents (all good to call Dad like a 12 year old!!) Well Dad very kindly went with the RAC man to drop the car at the garage, and Mum drove me and the children home. It appeared that my father in law, in his kindness to help, put petrol in my car by accident! Whoops. Luckily it wasn't a disaster, and the car only needed the tank draining and we had it back the next day. But still makes me giggle to think of us sat on the roundabout like that!!

Anyway, I really had better get the rest of or things packed ready for the trip. We'll definitely pack extra warm things for breakdowns and I'm not taking trikes, and will pack the pushchair on the top. I have already filled up the car making sure I used Diesel!! :)

Happy Easter all! x

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