Tuesday, 12 March 2013


I'll start with myself; Mummy bear. I am a stay at home mum, following early retirement from the military with the birth of my daughter, and our family has grown from there. I met my fabulous husband 'Daddy bear' in the military, which means he sometimes has to spend time away from us, which can be difficult for all of us, but really just part of our lives. He is a wonderful and fun Daddy, who really does help around the house when he is at home. :) I love my children and family to bits and wouldn't change them for the world, they are my life. The three young children does make us quite busy and sometimes feels like we don't quite have time to do things properly, and time is just disappearing.  I find I have very little time for myself and tend to feel guilty if I do. I am a creative soul, and have lots of ideas I want to try out but just a lack of time to do so would love to find a hobby/creative work I could manage from home!

Mimi Bear

Mimi bear is my gorgeous biggest bear cub. She's 4 (not forgetting the all important half that she insits on using as she's the youngest in her class having an august birthday.) She's been at school a half a year now and is already so grown up, it is scary where the time has gone. She loves books, reading, writing, dancing and any art, the messier the better!!

H Bear

H Bear is my lovely middle sized bear cub. He is your stereotypical boy, who runs everywhere at an incredible speed, and has a huge enthusiasm for anything that goes; cars, trains, planes. He is adorable and incredibly cheeky. His behaviour seems to get more unruly the longer his curly hair gets, and the only way to keep him still is with a cuddle and a book!

Teddy Bear

Then finally (and I mean finally as three is enough for us!) we have Teddy, my baby bear, who has somehow managed to be 16 months old, and is incredibly cute. He is really beginning to find his own funny personality now and toddles around the house bossing me about! He seems to be more of a climber than a speed addict like his brother, which is a different challenge  He was not the most well behaved bear during his pregnancy, and decided that 34 weeks was a good enough time to come into the world, so caused a fair amount of panic. He has however been an incredibly good baby bear since then, so we have just about forgiven him, will be completely forgiven when he starts sleeping through the night!! :)
Three bears

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