Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stop rushing, cuddle up and enjoy the little things!!

I am sitting with my gorgeous 4 year old bear cub, who I get to spend far to little time with since she started school in September. She is off school with a virus, but starting to feel better, so we have spent the morning snuggled up on the sofa. My middle size bear is at preschool and baby bear is having a nap in his cot, so we are having a rare Mummy and daughter moment. She is watching a DVD but I am sat enjoying the moment and thinking that there should be so many more of them then we seem to get at the moment.

Life seems so busy and time is going so fast. I look at her and I mostly can’t believe she’s 4 and at school.  It doesn't seem two minutes ago she was that tiny and beautiful baby we brought home from the hospital, how and when did she get so big and grown up? She amazes me everyday, how much she knows and her super reading and writing.  And it scares me that time is disappearing so quickly.

When they are babies, we spend so much time wanting them to hit those miles stones, smile, laugh, sit up, crawl, walk and talk, then you just can’t stop it, they grow and change so fast. Someone definitely increased the rate of the fast forward button in our lives when we had our second baby bear. Looking back his life so far is like a blur, and he is somehow 3 and gotten big enough for preschool. And as for baby bear, I seemed to have blinked and he’s 16 months and not really a baby at all, but don’t tell him that yet!, please!!

My point is really just how scary it is how life whizzes away, without us really noticing. Especially now we are in the school routine, days, weeks, terms just seem to fly by.

If only you could stop time just for a bit, stop rushing and sit back and enjoy. Maybe you could bottle it, or catch it in a jar to open at a time when you really have time to savor the moment, but unfortunately life doesn’t work that way. I love this poem/saying by Robert Brault;

It is so true and so important to do. I am guilty of spending too much time planning for the future, for holidays and weekends, worrying about what might be, rather than living in the moment and enjoying the wonderful everyday things in my life, and that is one thing I shall try and change. Because it is all going past too quickly!! Stop being so busy and making more time for a cuddle, chat and play!! Enjoy the little laughs, the funny conversations and gorgeous things our beautiful children do!! xx

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